Automatic capsule filling machine – innovative



  • Adopt single lane 11 cavities, and 10 working station design. It may be the most efficient single lane filling machine in China..
  • Adopt double RU110 cam divider realizes better reliability and working life of the machine.
  • Adopt second-generation fully enclosed turntable design. The upper mold uses two axes to make up and down circular movement, and adopt imported silicon seal to reduce powder into turntable. The lower die adopts two axes for in and out circular movement, reduces the powder brought by axis movement, end improve the accuracy. Both axis adopts cap pressing design, easy for disassembling and assembling, easy to clean. No need to open the turntable when change sealing ring, which saves much time for user..
  • Adopt three dimensional control elements, take the undersurface plane of dosage as datum, so as to eliminate the natural transmutation of the dosage pan and copper saucer. It’s the special design at domestic. Such design reduces the powder leakage, improves the filling accuracy and easy for clean.
  • Improvement of the transmission cams of all stations, use of high-quality special steel to produce the inner grooved wheel drive, eliminated the disadvantages of the spring pulling fatigue and fracture, and wear resistance, stable operation.
  • Vacuum positioning and dispensing mechanism for capsule, which ensures 98% successful rate of empty capsule feeding.
  • … …

Brief introduction

  • This automatic capsule filling machine is developed by our company and absorbed advanced technologies at home and abroad. The machine has features of elegant, smooth, low noise, easy to operate, and superior in performance. It is at top level in China.


  • Pharmaceutical, medicine, and chemicals (powder, Pellet, granule, pill), also can be used to fill vitamin, foodstuff and animal drug, etc..

Automatic capsule filling machine

Model NJP-1500C NJP-1200C
Output Max. 1500pcs/min Max. 1500pcs/min
Machine weight 1400Kg 1100Kg
Machine Dimensions 1230×1175(+382)×2000mm 1209×940(+339)×2000mm
Power Supply 380/220V, 50Hz 380/220V, 50Hz
Total power Motor 2.2kw

Vacuum pump 3kw

Dust collector 2.2kw

Motor 1.6kw

Vacuum pump 2.2kw

Dust collector 2.2kw

No.of segment bores 11 9
Vacuum 72m3/h, -0.03 ~ -0.05Mpa 48m3/h, -0.03 ~ -0.05Mpa
Dust 20Kpa, 210m3/h 20Kpa, 210m3/h
Noise <85DB(A) <85DB(A)
Making rate Empty capsule 99%

Filled capsule over 98%

Empty capsule 99%

Filled capsule over 98%

Suitable for Capsule 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5# 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5#
Filling error ±2.5%-±3.5% ±2.5%-±3.5%