Disposable Burette Set

100ml Disposable Burette Set with Latex-Free Floating Sheet


Burette Set  are usually used in pediatric

Burette set has two main types: with floating valve and without floating valve

The specification for burette sets
1. vented or non-vented spike
2. flexible drip chamber
3.100, 150ml Graduated Burette
4. roll clamp
5. latex or latex-free y injection site
6. with or without floating sheet
7. with or without hypodermic needle

Burette Set/Infusion Set With Burette
Size 100ml/150ml
Floating sheet/Valve With/Without, PP/Latex-free
Y-site Injection Latex/Latex
Needle Connector Luer Lock/Luer Slip
Needle With/Without
Pacakge PE/Blister Bag