This fluid bed dryer is suitable for drying for powder and granules.


Put the raw material  into the fluid bed. The cold air is drawn into the fluid bed through the pre filters and passes through the heating chamber behind the main machine, heated to the desired temperature by the heater. The material is fluidized in the fluid bed regularly. The evaporating moisture is drawn out by the fan.

Specification of model GFG-150. Please kindly contact us for specification of other model.

No. Item Unit Model/specification
1 Volume L 500
2 Capacity Kg/batch 150
3 Power of fan kw 22
4 Exchanger m2 90
5 compressure of compressed air Mpa 0.6
6 Consumption of compressed air m3/min 0.9
7 Overall size mm 4000*1760*3440