Medical oxygen flowmeter

Flow range: 10LPM, 15LPM, 30LPM, 70LPM

Applicable standard: JPN, USA, DE, FRA, UK, ZA, etc


  • The flowmeter is made of brass, CNC precision processing.
  • Matching with adapters with standards of Japan, America, Germany, France, Britain, South Africa, etc.
  • Brass material. Life>10000 times.
  • High wear-resistant stainless steel switch valve core.
  • Flow tube and humidifier bottle are made of high-strength polycarbonate plastic.
  • Humidifier bottle is autoclavable.
  • High polymer and high density filter element, humidifying evenly.



  • Model: 906C/XX
  • Gas type: Medical oxygen
  • Working pressure:≤0.5MPa
  • Flow range: 1-10L/min, 1-15L/min, 1~30L/min, 6~70L/min
  • Inlet connection: JPN, USA, DE, FRA, UK, ZA, etc.
  • Outlet connection: G3/8-19″
  • Humidifier capacity: 200ml