Semi-automatic capsule filling machine



  • With PLC and HMI.
  • Convenient for mould change. 5~8 minutes is enough for mould change.
  • No capsule feeding during adjusting the machine.
  • Visible window to monitor the transferring of the capsule. Capsule jam will be easily found out.
  • Mould is made of aviation alunimum and stainless steel 304, and they’re processed by CNC instead of bench drill. Precision and appearance is much better.
  • Inside of the rack is with plastic-spraying instead of painting that realizes better anti-corrosion. The cover is made of original stainless steel 304 plate without polishing. Machine life is much more longer.

Brief introduction

  • The upgraded DTJ-V semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a new kind medicine packing machine which is new in the structure and attractive in the appearance. It adopts electrical equipment, pneumatic control, with the electronic automatic counting device, frequency speed controlling, and the actions such as capsule locating, separating, filling, and capsule locking which is accomplished respectively instead of manual. It reduces labor intensity, improves the filling efficiency and accurately, and compliant with pharmacy hygiene requirements.
  • This machine is made of five-return capsule disengaging mechanism, medicine expects filling mechanism, locking mechanism, frequency conversion speed controlling mechanism, pneumatic controlling and electrical controlling system, protecting mechanism, vacuum pump, air pump accessories and so on.
  • It is used to fill various capsules home and abroad, and the finished product yield reaches more than 97%.


  • This semi-automatic capsule filling machine is mainly used for filling the hollow capsule with powder, graininess medicines, chemical reagents and health care articles.

Capsule size No. 000#-4# & Security Capsule A-E
Capacity 10000-22500pcs/h
Power supply 380V 50HZ 4.0KW
Vacuum pump XD-040(40m3/h)
Capacity of air compressor 0.03 m3/min, 0.7MPa
Noise <60dB(A)
Overall dimensions:(mm) 1140×700×1630
Packing dimension:(mm) 1650×800×1750
Net weight:(Kg) 430
Gross weight:(Kg) 500