Softgel encapsulation machine for lab use


Main Features

  1. Adopts big size touch screen,with fault diagnostic function,can store various kinds of operating parameters,reserve network interface.
  2. 2 The mould adopts the aviation aluminus alloy, long service lfe. Optimie desion, more mould holes, low net-gelatin rate.
  3. The gelatin sheet drum wheel,gelatin sheet oil system and mould adopt parallel desin, high stability.It adopts independent variable frequency drive motor,full bearing design,high assembly accuracy, easy to adjust, low noise, and smoth operation.
  4. The gelatin sheet adopts micro lubrication, and rally no clean, improve efiencvcto save money.
  5. The gelatin sheet cooling adopt independent professional cold water machine. Low energy consumption, high refrigeration efficiency.
  6. Discharge soft capsule by net-hopper, and form in advance by cold wind, make soft capsule molding more beautiful and conveying more reasonable.
  7. Material hopper can not only adjust temperature,and mixing with speed adjusting,the more suitable for traditional Chinese medicine suspension liquid.
  8. Small footprint, complete functions, very suitable for small test and middle test of institution and laboratory, also can be produced in small batches.
MODEL RG0.8-110C
Roller die rated speed 0~7r/min
Roller die size φ72×110mm
Single piston feeding volume 0~0.8ml
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Noise <75dBA
Dimensions 1500×550×1700mm
Net weight 700kg
Total power 6.6kw

softgel-sample-3 softgel-sample-1

softgel-sample-5  softgel-sample-2

softgel-sample-4            softgel-sample-6